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Learn by Doing

Our facilities are designed to promote hands-on learning. Our classrooms, clinical labs, surgical suites, radiography suites, and kennels are all built to prepare students for the environment where veterinary technicians spend their time.   

Our facilities include:

  • On-site kennels, housing a variety of animals that includes dogs and cats (and visitors will include rabbits, mice, and the occasional lizard!)
  • An on-site surgical suite with a surgical preparation area.
  • A radiography area with industry standard safety and imaging equipment. 
  • The standard medical equipment found in veterinary facilities. 
  • Animal friendly classrooms equipped for hands-on learning.

Our on-site animals are usually vaccinated, evaluated for health issues, and spayed/neutered as we prepare them to be adopted out to their forever homes. Our students get hands-on experience helping our experienced instructors care for our animals.  

Vet Tech Institute also partners with large animal facilities so our students can gain experience and confidence working with large animals, like horses and cows.

Our Equipment

Facilities are well equipped with the tools that graduates will use in their new careers. Examples of equipment includes, but is not limited to, a blood gas machine, blood chemistry machine, hematology machine, sevoflurance and isoflurance anesthesia machines, ultrasonic dental polisher, EKG machine, digital and analog x-ray equipment, microscopes and autoclaves.  

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Photo Gallery

When you schedule a tour of the Vet Tech Institute, you’ll be able to see our students in action. From learning proper techniques for holding animals to learning to take x-rays, our students learn by doing. We believe strongly that it’s important for vet tech students to work with animals throughout the program because there is no replacement for this type of hands-on veterinary technology training.